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This page is born as a way of bringing together people, associations, mass media, groups and institutions from the Hispanic world (fundamentally) with two clear objectives: support Pope Francis and visualize that support in a pluralistic and proposing (purposeful) digital platform. An initiative to join. This “Pro-Francis” webpage does not wish to have an apologetic position. It only wants to support the Pope and his reforms in search of a more evangelical Church. It does not go against anyone. Not even against those who are dissatisfied or confused with Pope Bergoglio.

We want to bring together, in a completely group and pluralistic iniciative, every single person of good will, who see in Pope Francis a complete human-divine and divine-human revulsive. People from every belief and different ideologies will be part of it, of course. The left-right axis has become old-fashioned. The progressive-conservative axis does not respond to what Francis is looking for. Because all of us (progressive and conservative), together with the Pope, want and look for a Church that is more and more evangelical. The iniciative, promoted and administered by Digital Religion, is open to all. It counts on all of us. It hopes that everyone joins: people, groups, mass media, associations and institutions from the wide Hispanic world in Europe and America.

The way to join is very easy. It consists of filling out a short form, making the support to Pope Francis public and explicit.

The page will be built and updated with the contributions that all of you send us. From short phrases (tweets) to articles of every length. From photographs to videos, drawings to cartoons. Any type of contribution will be welcome.

With the contributions of experts, members of the hierarchy or simple believers, we will try to make the succesion of words, gestures and decisions form the Papal ministry (which daily surprise and shake Tyrians and Trojans) our own.

We want to accompany all and “sound” the freshness and richness of this Papacy of Mercy in every place where we move/go.

It is all about joining the wave of hope that, hand in hand with Francis, the Church and even the world is following. To row with the Pope. To help him, so that Peter’s boat, determined and encouraged by the Spirit, by the strength of the Council and by the synodical and collegial process, goes towards a deep change of the Church and its relationship with the world.

We are willing to “make noise” and “move forward”, like Pope Francis constantly asks us to do. We are ready to support him and follow him through the ecclesiastical “updating” path. Through the conversion lane, that grows in the heart and is spread to people and institutions, to transform the world and fight for the Kingdom.

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